Changing Spots

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Changing Spots – a systems approach to change management written by Ian White and Andrew Kearns was published by Hartswood Press in the September 2017.

This guide has been prepared by people who have brought about real change in organisations which had previously found change difficult – leopards that needed to change their spots.

The core of the guide describes a systems approach to change management which is effective for organisations that need to make radical change, hence the title “Changing Spots”. The focus of this work is to achieve a step change in performance – improvements in competitiveness, financial performance, customer service, quality of conformance, cost effectiveness and employee motivation.

The approach described in this book was first developed in Lucas Engineering & Systems Ltd (LE&S) which was a business unit within Lucas Industries in 1980s / 90s. LE&S achieved a worldwide reputation for delivering manufacturing effectiveness and step-change improvement programmes. Building on its success within Lucas, LE&S helped to transform the competitiveness of many enterprises – including hospitals, food processing plants, and the manufacture of aero engines and automotive components in the UK and abroad.

The authors have added expertise to this approach based on experience gained from consultancy assignments and leadership positions in a wide range of sectors and organisations.

This book has been developed as a handbook to be followed by leaders looking to deliver successful and transforming change. The process of evaluation, design and implementation is called Ready, Steady, Change. The methodology involves the use of a “Task Force” of employees who are trained and deployed to change the organisation. Many organisations rightly recognise that their employees are their greatest asset. This methodology embraces and endorses this view, giving it practical expression. Leadership challenges are no more evident than when undertaking major change and this theme is addressed throughout the guide, both at executive and Task Force level.

To purchase Changing Spots please visit Amazon: Changing Spots